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Dental implants are the permanent solution for missing or failing teeth

what is a dental implant?

If you’re looking for a permanent way to replace your teeth, then dental implants are for you.

Dental implants can replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth, or an entire arch. They take the place of a missing tooth, essentially  becoming a new tooth root, restoring function and aesthetics.

the parts that make up a dental implant

  • Titanium Implant – This is the post or screw that is implanted into the jaw bone. The implant is hidden below the gum line. Titanium is strong, lightweight, and biocompatible. Your bone and the implant will fuse together creating a sturdy foundation for your new tooth.
  • Abutment – The abutment is often made from titanium and connects the implant to the crown. The abutment can be seen above the gum line, but will be covered by the crown.
  • Zirconia Crown – The crown is the “tooth” which covers the abutment. Crowns are matched to the color and shape of the other teeth in your mouth. 
illustrated comparison between a dental implant and a tooth
illustration of a dental implant

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The implant screw is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Being made from biocompatible titanium, the bone will eventually grow around and fuse with the screw. A jawbone continues growing as long as a tooth root is present. Without one, the body stops producing bone and eventually wears down, leaving one with an older countenance.  

The fusing of the bone and implant is called, osseointegration. For a dental implant to fully osseointegrate takes about 4 – 6 months. 

Dental implants help keepsthe structure of your face strong and youthful looking.

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why you should consider dental implants :
The benefits

Illustration of a face in profile experiencing bone loss


Losing one or more of your teeth creates a gap in your smile, affects your ability to chew properly, and can alter your diet and nutrition. While these are all serious issues, did you know that tooth loss also leads to bone loss?

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone beneath it begins to shrink (or atrophy) and becomes brittle from lack of exercise. Not only does losing a tooth affect your smile, it also changes the shape of your face causing you to look prematurely aged.


Smile big and wide, laugh out loud with no concern about showing a missing tooth or unattractive teeth. No more passing on social engagements, selfies, family photos. You can finally stop hiding from behind your hand.

Has  less than perfect teeth kept you from getting a promotion or a date? When you don’t have to feel embarrassed about your smile, your confidence will soar.

With dental implants you’ll be noticed and remembered for your smile in the way that you want to be.

Smiling, laughing man
Couple laughing on the beach


The list of health benefits is long. Restoring your ability to chew is not least among them. If you’ve been suffering with painful teeth or no teeth at all, you’re well aware of how limited your food selection has become. Your body needs the many beneficial nutrients found in crunchy, chewy, crisp foods. Digestion is extremely important too. Chewing your food properly helps aid in good digestion. 

Dental implants aren’t a procedure just done to your mouth – they’re a procedure for your whole body.


Dental implants complete a beautiful smile. Withholding a smile gives off a negative impression and less-than-perfect teeth are also often unfairly judged. You can change both of these with dental implants – no other tooth replacement option looks more like natural teeth.

Dental implants look natural and replace missing teeth roots, restoring facial structure and getting bone healthy again for a more youthful appearance.

And who wouldn’t smile about that?

Smiling couple in a park
very happy man smiling


Dental implants are permanent. Unlike with dentures which, need to be removed daily to clean, implants remain in your mouth. Caring for them is just like caring for natural teeth: brush, floss and/or use a waterpik. 

Gone are the days of cavities and root canals.

You never have to worry about them slipping or sliding out of place at an inopportune moment. And no messy glues are needed.

No other tooth replacement option is more like real teeth than dental implants.


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